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The Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser, Tue 22 Oct 1889

West Hillgrove Mines.

The population of Hillgrove West, or what is known as the Gara side of the Falls, is steadily on the increase, and now numbers between 150 and 200 persons. On this side are the famous Sunlight mine, Root Hog, Hack’s C.P., Princess Midas, and other well known mining properties, while one hotel has already been opened. Yet, so far as speedy postal communication is concerned, the residents of West Hillgrove might as well be separated by a greater distance from Hillgrove Mines proper. At present the mails are delivered at the Mines at the township of Hillgrove, and to get their letters, the residents of West Hillgrove have either to risk climbing up and down the Falls, or else to make a detour of 12 miles before arriving at the township of Hillgrove, while Armidale is only distant 16 miles. A daily mail runs past Mulligan’s, three and a half miles from West Hillgrove, and a bag for West Hillgrove might easily be left, if a small branch contract were arranged. A township has been laid out at West Hillgrove, and a road has been surveyed, and tenders called for the work of making it from Mulligan’s, Cooney Creek, to West Hillgrove, a distance of 3¾ miles. Since tenders were called for, however, nothing more has been heard of the road. We trust that these matters will not be allowed to lapse, as both the road in question and the establishment of a Post Office at West Hillgrove are urgently needed.

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