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June 1, 1889: First edition of Hillgrove Guardian newspaper

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Hillgrove Guardian – Saturday, June 1, 1889

[Not available online – GS]

BUILDING. – The building trade is very active in Hillgrove just now. New stores and private houses are going up in all directions. Additions and attractions are also being made to a lot of established places. But for the great difficulty experienced in getting a sufficient supply of hard wood, there would be no lack of employment for carpenters.

GOLD ESCORT. – Yesterday morning a parcel containing 1088 ozs. of gold was forwarded by the City Bank on its way to Sydney, it was all from the Baker’s Greek G.M Coy., the result of the last fortnight’s crushing, it left per Messrs. Ryan & Co’s Coach under escort.

[Assuming they’re using troy ounces (rather than standard ounces) to measure gold weight, that’s about 34 kg of gold – GS].

BACHELOR’S BALL. – A social gathering improvised by the Bachelors of Hillgrove was held last evening in the Centennial Hall where a very enjoyable nights dancing came off. The attendance was not so large as usual, this was probably owing to the uncertain state of the weather. The refreshments were however quite up to the expectation of those present. The Music was provided by Messrs. McMahon and Johnson. Mr. Jas. Morrow acted as M.C. Dancing was kept up to 4 am.

LARGE NEW STORE. – Mr. E. J. Swyny of Vegetable Creek, has with astonishing speed, had an immense iron store erected in the most central part of the town, the building is 50ft long, and 24ft wide, and is well fitted up inside with shelves and counters, the latter run down each side, the space between being intended for the public; on the one side they can satisfy their wants in the grocery, ironmongery, and stationery line, or turn to the other, and find quantities of drapery, and lots of boots to select from. There will be a verandah 24 by 8ft put up in front of the building, boxed in at the ends, the verandah will be lit up at night with three large lamps, but the lamp of lamps will be inside, it possesses the lighting power of 300 candles, and certainly eclipses anything of the sort to be found in New England, this by night, and the winning smiles, and obliging manners of his handsome assistants by day, Mr. S. reckons should prove successful in making things hum about his establishment.

LOCAL PIG. – Mr. F. B. Wade of the “Miner’s Arms” had a pig killed on his premises last Wednesday, that weighed 443 lbs [201 kg]. This enormous animal was bred in Armidale, it was 2 years old when killed. The last nine months of its existence were devoted to gorging on the good things that fell in its way.

PHOTOGRAPHY. – Mr. Williams of the firm of Jackson and Williams, Photographic Artists, Tamworth announces, that his stay here is drawing to a close, and as this successful firm are justly celebrated for the excellence of their pictures, we would recommend those wishing to secure good photograph to be in time.

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