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Dorrigo telephones

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Wednesday 12 August 1908, The Sydney Morning Herald

The Postal authorities intimate, in connection with the letter signed by Mr. G. S. Briner, M.L.A., which appeared in our columns of the 30th ultimo, respecting the establishment of telephonic communication between Bellingen and Dorrigo, that a tender was accepted on the 27th Idem for the erection of a telephone line from Bellingen to North Dorrigo, via Never Never and Dorrigo, and instructions have been issued for the work to be put in hand immediately the necessary contract deposit is paid.

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Bellingen’s electric supply

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Tuesday 11 April 1933, The Sydney Morning Herald


Bellingen Shire Council has been advised by the Clarence River county council, that the Raleigh Co-operative Butter Society has approached the county council for a supply of electricity. An offer has been made to supply the factory, subject to an electricity agreement being granted by the Bellingen Shire to the county council to supply within the area. It was decided to invite the Clarence County Council to submit for the Bellingen Shire’s consideration alternative proposals with regard to a franchise for the whole of the Bellingen Shire area, including and excluding the town of Bellingen. The meeting instructed the electricity committee to deal immediately with the replies.

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Sheep on Northern Rivers

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Tuesday 9 August 1910, The Sydney Morning Herald

BELLINGEN. – Several landholders in this district are impressed with the idea that sheep raising will be a payable industry on a small scale in conjunction with other pursuits. Sheep do well here on the hilly lands, and one or two have already turned them to profit. Mr. C. Franks has a few Romney Marsh on the south arm. Mr. A. Tyson, of Never Never, found several Shropshires a success, and recently had landed here one ram and 14 pure-bred Romney Marsh ewes from the stud of Mr. S. S. Hunt, of Bathurst, a successful exhibitor at the recent Sydney sheep show. He says the only fault he finds is that the sheep get too fat. Mr. L P. Uther, too, of Bouville, has had a flock of Romneys for some time. Recently he purchased the pure-bred ram, Sir Eltham, bred by Mr. William Grant, of South Canterbury, New Zealand. Paspalum grass is plentiful, and the sheep thrive on it.

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New England National Park created.

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Friday 13 October 1933, The Sydney Morning Herald


ARMIDALE, Thursday.  

The first meeting of the recently gazetted
trustees of an area of more than 42,000 acres
between the tableland and the coast, was held
at Armidale. Bylaws were adopted, and the
area named the New England National Park.
The area embraces Point Lookout, regarded
as affording one of the finest panoramic views  
in the world. The park is 25 miles from Bel-
lingen, 48 from Armidale, 10 from Dorrigo,
30 from Macksville, 40 from Kempsey, and
55 from Grafton. Steps are being taken to
develop the area, and to provide means of ac-
cess to it.

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New England highlights

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Tuesday 30 October 1894, The Sydney Morning Herald


The land board dealt with a number of cases on
Saturday. The chairman congratulated Mr.
Matthews upon his appointment to the board.

Heavy thunderstorms were experienced last
week. The weather is fine, with hot days and
cool nights. The crops are making great head-

General satisfaction is expressed at the accept-
ance of the tender for the mail from Bellingen to
Tyringham, which will afford the Dorrigo settlers
means of postal communication.


The present is probably one of the most prolific
seasons we have been blessed with in this district
for many years. Last week 2in. of rain fell.

Vegetation is in abundance, while stock of all
descriptions are looking sleek and fat. The crops,
oaten and wheaten, give every prospect of a boun-
tiful harvest. Many of our farmers are at present
engaged in getting their corn and potato
crops in.

The hospital ball last week was a great success
Over 120 people sat down to supper, and £35 clear
was made by the venture.

The Rev. W. Milne Curran, from the Technical
College, delivered three lectures here which were
numerously attended each night. The lecturer
was listened to with intense interest and profound
attention. There were many ladies present on
each occasion, who evinced the greatest interest.

During the past fortnight about 3000 acres of
land have been taken up at the local land


The Rev. A. Dallas has been appointed to the
South Grafton Parish, Church of England.

Mr. J. P. Eagles, manager of the Grafton
branch of the E. S. and A. Bank, has been ap-
pointed to the head office, Sydney, and will be
succeeded by Mr. Toon, from Victoria.

Mr. R. R. Hickson, Chief Commissioner for
Roads, and Mr. W. L. Vernon Government Ar-
chitect, arrived here on Saturday on an official
tour through the north-west districts.

Disease has again appeared in the potato crop.


Numbers of farmers are experimenting with the
sugar-beet seed supplied by the Department of
Agriculture. If the district is proved suitable a
large area is expected to be planted next year.

It is proposed to close the A. J. S. Bank branch
at Frederickton at the end of the present month.

A jawbone and several other remains of a
human being have been picked up on the beach
near Crescent Head. They are supposed to be the
remains of a person shipwrecked some years ago.
Old bolts and rings belonging to a ship have also
been found.

The A. J. S. Bank has offered to release £200 on
fixed deposit belonging to the Macleay District
Hospital. This will help the financial difficulty
of the hospital for the present.


The contractors who have completed works for
the municipal council on the main roads within the
municipality are complaining of delay in their
payment, said to be caused by the Government
withholding money from the municipality. The
delay has now exceeded several weeks. The muni-
cipal authorities state that the fault does not rest
with them.


By a concert given last evening in the Victoria
Theatre, in aid of the funds of the Newcastle
Hospital and the Newcastle Benevolent Society,
£61 was realised.

As a result of the fracas on Saturday and
yesterday in Newcastle and Stockton between
non-unionists and unionists, Denis Maloney was
fined 5s, but a large number of summonses have  
been issued from each side.

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