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Shot through the heart

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Tuesday 28 September 1897, The Sydney Morning Herald




A telegram to the following effect was yesterday received at the office of the Inspector-General of Police from the Armidale superintendent of police :- “William White was on Saturday last found dead half a mile from his residence, Nine Mile, Deepwater, shot in the breast with slugs. The post-mortem examination resulted in four slugs being found in the body. One passed through the heart. Death was instantaneous. The shot was not fired from close quarters. White left home on Friday morning, carrying a Winchester repeating rifle, which was found lying at his feet, and contained one empty cartridge. No further information.” Investigations are being made by Senior-sergeant Hicks, of Tenterfield, and Senior-sergeant Travers, of Glen Innes.

Superintendent Garvan, of the Armidale police district, yesterday evening telegraphed to the Inspector-General as follows :- “White’s death is now understood to be the result of an accident. Thirty yards from where the body lay his hat was found, and 4 ft. from his hat a rifle, fired recently into the face of a granite boulder. Four pieces of lead, believed to be portions of a bullet that ricocheted, and a piece of granite, were found embedded in deceased’s neck by a doctor. The circumstances surrounding the case do not point to murder. Bullet mark on rock was discovered this morning.”

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Need of Libraries.

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Monday 19 April 1937, The Sydney Morning Herald

Australia Backward.


CASINO. Sunday.

In an address at the School of Arts, the Minister for Education (Mr. Drummond) said that he did not think there was any country in the world so backward as Australia in the provision of libraries. Splendid work, he said, had been done in Casino in developing one of the finest library activities in the State. It would give an excellent lead to other places, and be productive of fine results in many parts of New South Wales.



A scheme for the establishment of district libraries with Tenterfield School of Arts as the centre, was proposed by the Inspector for Schools (Mr. A. J. Dowd). He suggested that Tenterfield, Deepwater, Torington, and Emmaville form a group, each contributing equally to the purchase of books, which would be available to the members of all the libraries. Each of the branch libraries would retain books to the value of the amount it had contributed. The Education Department was prepared to strengthen schools of arts with a scheme of district libraries.

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Deepwater tin

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Friday 5 February 1904, The Sydney Morning Herald


DEEPWATER, Thursday.

The rail despatches for January have not
been up to the average, only 46 tons of tin
having gone forward. There are several good
parcels of tin awaiting purchase, and com-
petition is very keen, owing to a foreign
buyer operating. Stevens and party have
leased three blocks in the Torrington district
for wolfram, near which property Beale and
party have a very promising show.

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