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Arsenic in Tea and Cake

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Friday 21 November 1941, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill)

SYDNEY. Thursday. – In a fit of jealousy a hotel groom was alleged to have attempted the murder of five persons, including his wife, on October 15, by putting arsenic in the tea and a cake. This was stated by the police at Emmaville Court today when Darrel Raymond Myers (27) was charged. Police allege that Myers took the action when he believed his wife was paying attention to other men.


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Compensation for delicensing

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Saturday 31 December 1927, The Sydney Morning Herald


Northern Tablelands.


The Licenses Reduction Board yesterday announced its determination in regard to the compensation to be paid to licensees and owners of premises in the Northern Tablelands electorate which are to be deprived of their licenses.

The total amount of compensation to be paid in respect of publicans’ licenses is £30,130. Of this amount owners will receive £17,170, and licensees £12,960. Following is a detailed list of amounts payable:

    Hotel.                Owners. Licensees. Total. 
Belmore Arms, Elsmore ..... £830  .. £610  ..£1,440
Conrad, Howell ............. 540  ..  270  ..   810
Dinton Vale, Dinton Vale ... 920  ..  600  .. 1,520
Federal, Inverell ........ 1,590  ..  780  .. 2,370
Halfway House, Swan Vale ... 730  ..  500  .. 1,520
Halfway House, Wandsworth .. 860  ..  830  .. 1,690
Imperial, Emmaville ...... 1,590  ..  550  .. 2,140
International, Armidale .. 1,080  ..  920  .. 2,000
Junction Inn, Bald Nob ..... 570  ..  460  .. 1,030
Langham, Armidale .......... 890  ..1,700  .. 2,590
McIntyre Inn, Wallangra ...1,260  ..  800  .. 2,060
Railway, Inverell .........1,560  ..  910  .. 2.470
Rockvale, Rockvale . ........630  ..1,120  .. 1.750
Royal, Emmaville ..........1,780  ..  930  .. 2,710
Tattersalls, Metz .......... 490  ..  480  ..   970
Tattersalls, Warialda .....1,850  ..1,500  .. 3,350
   Totals   .............£17,170  £12,960   £30,130

The board also awarded £90 compensation to the licensee in respect of an Australian wine license in Glen Innes-road, Inverell, which it is proposed to delicense. Under the Act no compensation is payable to the owner of premises for which an Australian wine license has been issued.

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Sixteen country hotels delicensed

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Tuesday 12 July 1927, The Sydney Morning Herald

At a deprivation sitting yesterday the Licenses Reduction Board announced that 16 hotels in the Northern Tableland electorate would be deprived of their licenses on June 30, 1928.

The hotels affected are:

Rockvale Hotel, Rockvale.
Tattersalls Hotel, Metz.
Halfway House Hotel, Wandsworth.
International Hotel, Armidale.
Langham Hotel, Armidale.
Royal Hotel, Emmaville.
Imperial Hotel, Emmaville.
Junction Inn Hotel, Bald Nob.
Halfway House Hotel, Swan Vale.
Belmore Arms Hotel, Elsmore.
Dinton Vale Hotel, Dinton Vale.
Conrad Hotel, Howell.
McIntyre Inn Hotel, Wallangra.
Federal Hotel, Inverell.
Railway Hotel, Inverell.
Tattersall's Hotel, Warialda.

The board added that the Australian wine license held by Elizabeth Moore for premises in Glen Innes-road, Inverell, would also cease to be in force after June 30 next.

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Need of Libraries.

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Monday 19 April 1937, The Sydney Morning Herald

Australia Backward.


CASINO. Sunday.

In an address at the School of Arts, the Minister for Education (Mr. Drummond) said that he did not think there was any country in the world so backward as Australia in the provision of libraries. Splendid work, he said, had been done in Casino in developing one of the finest library activities in the State. It would give an excellent lead to other places, and be productive of fine results in many parts of New South Wales.



A scheme for the establishment of district libraries with Tenterfield School of Arts as the centre, was proposed by the Inspector for Schools (Mr. A. J. Dowd). He suggested that Tenterfield, Deepwater, Torington, and Emmaville form a group, each contributing equally to the purchase of books, which would be available to the members of all the libraries. Each of the branch libraries would retain books to the value of the amount it had contributed. The Education Department was prepared to strengthen schools of arts with a scheme of district libraries.

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New name for Vegetable Creek

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Saturday 9 September 1882, The Sydney Morning Herald


The following notifications appear in yesterday's Gazette:

20th instant the Post-office at present known as Vegetable
Creek will bear the designation of "Emmaville."

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