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Striking feature

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Saturday 27 October 1866, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

FREE SELECTION. – At the Quarter Sessions, held here last Monday, before Judge Mcymott, an assault case was tried, which revealed a striking feature of the easy manner in which a free selector secured a house, garden, and cultivation ready to his hand. The case will be better explained by a summary of the evidence produced at the trial. A man, named Timothy Mulreay, waited on the land agent in January last, and selected a portion of the Europambela run, known as Butler’s station, near Walcha; and, on offering the usual deposit, and describing the ground he desired, was told by the land agent that he believed the ground could not be selected, and referred him in the meantime to the district surveyor for definite information. Mulreay waited on the surveyor, from whom he learned not only that it was not open for selection, but that the lessee had applied for it in consequence of the valuable improvements on it, that the law did not allow it to be free selected, and if Mulreay did so the ground would be measured off, and any additional improvements he might make would go to the lessee. Mulreay said he would take it on chance, and take he did. In July the surveyor had instructions from the Government to survey the land, as applied for by the lessee, and proceeded to the place for that purpose, when Mulreay prevented him by assaulting him several times, and finally cutting his chain into five or six pieces. The survey was relinquished, Mulreay was prosecuted, and at the Sessions was convicted and sentenced for the assault; but I believe his family still retain possession of the land, house, garden, cultivation, and all. Now, if this is not taking possession of another man’s property by force and under colour of law, it would be difficult to say what forcible possession is. We are constantly witnessing the mischievous effects of some parts of the Land Act of 1801, but this appears to be one of the most daring violations of right that has come under my notice. Whether the Government will allow Mulreay or his family to retain possession of this land remains to be seen, for if the Government make no effort to disturb them it will be difficult to say if the squatter’s principal residence will not be the next point of attack by some equally as daring free-selector in search of a home made ready to his hand. – Armidale Correspondent of Herald.

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Deaths; Inquest; New Bank building

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Thursday 5 March 1863, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

(From the Armidale Express, Feb. 28.)

The greater portion of the weather this week has been muggy and sultry, and there have been a few showers, with a good deal of distant lightning.

Deaths by Drowning. – On the 16th instant a German labourer named John Nebey, aged 30, belonging to Europambela, was accidentally drowned. – On Thursday week there was also a man, whose name we cannot ascertain, drowned in Blick’s River, on the Grafton Road.

Fatal Accident. – We are informed that on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning a man known as “Lanky” was thrown from his horse near Walcha, and killed.

INQUEST. – Mr. L. Markham, district coroner, held an inquest at Gostwyck on Saturday last, on the body of Elizabeth Bond, a widow who had resided at one of the out-stations. It appeared that on the 18th inst. deceased went to the stockyard at the head station for some meat, and that at sundown she was seen by Mr. Gill, the superintendent, returning to the hut, but on the opposite side of the creek. On Friday morning a shepherd named Conway found her body lying in the creek, and it would appear that in attempting to cross the creek, whether in darkness or otherwise, she bad missed the proper crossing place, got out of her depth, and was drowned. An open verdict was returned that the deceased had been found drowned in the Gostwyck Creek.

THE Bank at Armidale. – The premises hitherto occupied as a branch of the Joint Stock Bank not having been found suitable for the expansion of the business, tenders are being invited for a new building, by the Bank authorities. We have seen the plan, and can say that when it is carried out it will give Armidale a finer building than it yet possesses. The front will be of two lofty stories, with a palisade in front, and the windows will be of plate glass.

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Transfer of runs

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Saturday 18 August 1849, The Moreton Bay Courier


(From the Government Gazette. )

Crown Lands' Office,

Sydney, August, 1849.

It is hereby notified, for general information,
that the interest of the former licensees in the
undermentioned runs of crown land has been
transferred, with the sanction of the Government,
to the persons hereinafter particularized, in ac-
cordance with the regulation of 1st January, 1818,
namely :—

NEW ENGLAND.—Boyds Plains (or Yarrow-
ford), from Archibald Boyd to Burgess, Campbell,
and Young ; Whitmore, from Archibald Boyd to
Burgess, Campbell, and Young ; Barney Downs,
from Brown and Herring to Brown and Barney ;
Elmsmore, from Browne and Alcorn to John
Browne ; Moona Plains, from Crawford and
McDonell to A. F. Crawford ; Beverley (Brodie's
Creek), from Phillip Ditmas to Alexander Barlow ;
Mandoey Creek, from W. C. Hetherington to J.
Hudson Keys ; Ward's Mistake, from William
Nowland to Michael and Wm. Nowland ; Euro-
pambela, from T G. Rusden to Frederick Huth ;
Shannon Vale, from J. P. Robinson to T. G. Rus-
den ; Yarrowitch, from J. P. Robinson to Wrn.
Sprott Boyd ; Torry Burn, from John Smith to
Charles Blaxland ; Guy Fawkes, from Richard
Ward to James Rigny ; Deep Water, from C. and
A. Windeyer to John H. Challis.

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