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Compensation for delicensing

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Saturday 31 December 1927, The Sydney Morning Herald


Northern Tablelands.


The Licenses Reduction Board yesterday announced its determination in regard to the compensation to be paid to licensees and owners of premises in the Northern Tablelands electorate which are to be deprived of their licenses.

The total amount of compensation to be paid in respect of publicans’ licenses is £30,130. Of this amount owners will receive £17,170, and licensees £12,960. Following is a detailed list of amounts payable:

    Hotel.                Owners. Licensees. Total. 
Belmore Arms, Elsmore ..... £830  .. £610  ..£1,440
Conrad, Howell ............. 540  ..  270  ..   810
Dinton Vale, Dinton Vale ... 920  ..  600  .. 1,520
Federal, Inverell ........ 1,590  ..  780  .. 2,370
Halfway House, Swan Vale ... 730  ..  500  .. 1,520
Halfway House, Wandsworth .. 860  ..  830  .. 1,690
Imperial, Emmaville ...... 1,590  ..  550  .. 2,140
International, Armidale .. 1,080  ..  920  .. 2,000
Junction Inn, Bald Nob ..... 570  ..  460  .. 1,030
Langham, Armidale .......... 890  ..1,700  .. 2,590
McIntyre Inn, Wallangra ...1,260  ..  800  .. 2,060
Railway, Inverell .........1,560  ..  910  .. 2.470
Rockvale, Rockvale . ........630  ..1,120  .. 1.750
Royal, Emmaville ..........1,780  ..  930  .. 2,710
Tattersalls, Metz .......... 490  ..  480  ..   970
Tattersalls, Warialda .....1,850  ..1,500  .. 3,350
   Totals   .............£17,170  £12,960   £30,130

The board also awarded £90 compensation to the licensee in respect of an Australian wine license in Glen Innes-road, Inverell, which it is proposed to delicense. Under the Act no compensation is payable to the owner of premises for which an Australian wine license has been issued.

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Sixteen country hotels delicensed

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Tuesday 12 July 1927, The Sydney Morning Herald

At a deprivation sitting yesterday the Licenses Reduction Board announced that 16 hotels in the Northern Tableland electorate would be deprived of their licenses on June 30, 1928.

The hotels affected are:

Rockvale Hotel, Rockvale.
Tattersalls Hotel, Metz.
Halfway House Hotel, Wandsworth.
International Hotel, Armidale.
Langham Hotel, Armidale.
Royal Hotel, Emmaville.
Imperial Hotel, Emmaville.
Junction Inn Hotel, Bald Nob.
Halfway House Hotel, Swan Vale.
Belmore Arms Hotel, Elsmore.
Dinton Vale Hotel, Dinton Vale.
Conrad Hotel, Howell.
McIntyre Inn Hotel, Wallangra.
Federal Hotel, Inverell.
Railway Hotel, Inverell.
Tattersall's Hotel, Warialda.

The board added that the Australian wine license held by Elizabeth Moore for premises in Glen Innes-road, Inverell, would also cease to be in force after June 30 next.

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Tableland to Coast Railway.

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Tuesday 9 June 1908, The Sydney Morning Herald

GUYRA, Monday.

There is considerable activity in railway matters on the northern tableland, and an agitation extending from Inverell to Coffs Harbour is being carried on to unite the two places by a line via Tingha, Guyra, and Guy Fawkes. Such a line would go through the famous Dorrigo country, giving the tableland and western districts the benefits of the enormous Dorrigo timber forests, besides bringing the western districts in direct communication with the coastal districts. A line has already been surveyed from Inverell to Guyra, with ruling grades of one in 60, and a survey has also been made from Guyra to the coast, with similar grades, except where it will be necessary to have recourse to a rack line to descend from the tableland.

A public meeting was held at Tingha last week, when delegates were present from Guyra and Wandsworth, and resolutions were carried favouring the construction of the line.

It was decided to form railway leagues in each centre, to circulate a petition at each place, and to appoint a deputation to wait upon the Minister for Works to present the petition, and to urge the construction of the Inverell to Coffs Harbour railway. The president of the Guyra Shire Council has convened a public meeting, to be held at Guyra on Wednesday, 10th Inst., to take necessary steps to urge the construction of the line, and invitations have been sent to Armidale and other places to support the movement.

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Population of New England Towns, 1871

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Tuesday 6 June 1871, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser


The Armidale Express of Saturday has the following :-  

Mr. Blythe has favoured us with the following
return of the population in the registry district of
Armidale :- Males, 5448 ; females, 4315 ; total, 9763.


        Males. Females.  Total.
Armidale  720 ... 650 ... 1370
Uralla    128 ... 126 ...  254
Walcha    124 ... 119 ...  243
Bundarra   97 ...  88 ...  185
Bendemeer  61 ...  49 ...  110
Wandsworth 44 ...  37 ...   81
Nowendoc   27 ...  18 ...   45  
Falconer   19 ...  16 ...   35

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Accident on Guyra Road

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Tuesday 9 May 1939, The Sydney Morning Herald


GUYRA. Monday.

Four persons were injured when two cars
collided on the Guyra Road, three miles from
Armidale. They were: Mrs Rose Archibald,
of Ollera Street, Guyra, injuries to the right
side, abrasions to the forehead, wounds to the
right shin, and shock; Melva Archibald, 16,
her daughter, bruises to the neck and shock;
James Dignam, of Chatsworth, near Guyra,
injuries to the left hand and left ear; and
James Arthur Farrell, 36, of Wandsworth,
Guyra, abrasions to the hands and shock. The
Armidale Ambulance gave first aid.

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Brother acquitted

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Saturday 12 February 1927, The Sydney Morning Herald



After a short retirement the jury returned
a verdict of not guilty in the case at the
Armidale Quarter Sessions, in which Geo.
Edward Parsons was charged with feloni-
ously slaying his brother, Samuel John Par-
sons, at Wandsworth, near Guyra, on Decem-
ber 10 last.

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